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We are a global consulting firm specializing in Tax Incentives for Research and Innovation as well as Procurement Optimization. We pride ourselves with having a growing operational base in the USA, Brazil, France and Canada.
For over 26 years, we are helping our worldwide clients maximize their R&D incentives and optimize their business costs.
We are based out of Montreal, to better support Canadian companies, large and small.

Financing Innovation

We are your partner to go further

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Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED) is an incentive program available from the Canadian Government. This program encourages Canadian based companies of any size to perform Research and Development in Canada.
If you are looking to create new product or improve your already successful line of products, you might be eligible.
This program provides one of the most competitive tax credits in the world, with more than CAD$3.5 billion awarded per year to over 23000 eligible companies. That said, the claiming process is complex with eligibility requirements constantly changing.
With our help, companies like yours can benefit as well and become more competitive in the global stage.

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Our Methodology:

ABGI Canada can help you secure and optimize your investment tax credits by:

  • Qualifying and identifying eligible projects
  • Identifying, quantifying and optimizing eligible costs
  • Preparing technical reports
  • Preparing tax forms (both federal and provincial)
  • Assisting you in the event of a Canadian Revenue Agency audit
  • Training and advising your staff
    Our Innovation Management Consultants will assist your R&D department to make the right decisions and maximize your tax credit opportunities

Procurement Cost Optimization

We help you improve your day-to-day operation

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Improving the performance of your operations requires a more comprehensive approach that goes beyond Lean Management.
With our Procurement Cost Optimization service, we help your business reach its potential through costs savings and innovation.
We will support you in every step of the process, from idea to development, we will help you identify and implement best practices to foster stable growth for your business.
Additionally, we will help you take control of your spending by optimizing your purchasing pipeline.

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Our focus

We will review all of your direct and indirect purchasing and procurement strategies to maximize growth by looking at:

  • Facilities Management and Office Services (telecommunications, furniture, cleaning, catering, printers)
  • Marketing
  • Travel Management
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • MRO (Maintenance Repair Operation)
  • Fleet Management
  • Supplies and equipment for production and manufacturing


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Our methodology

We take a look at every aspects of your business to identify cost savings opportunities.
Our approach is flexible and scalable to fit your needs.
Nobody knows your business like you do: We will listen to you to ensure the best and most realistic solutions are implemented.

Our mission is your growth.

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Our office

6823 blvd St Laurent, suite 202,
Montréal QC H2S 3C8

Phone : +1 514 495 6590


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